Manual & Actuated Ball Valves

SUD Robinetterie Industries (SRi) was founded in Marseille, France, in 1978. They have decades of long history serving in oil and gas, power, refining, chemical, and metals and mining industries. They started by supplying local refineries. In 1990, SRi started to expand their product line into manufacturing of trunnion and floating ball isolation valves with their own proprietary custom designs from their experience.

After purchasing Vanes Rigau in 2005, SRi now has full line of isolation valves: gate, globe, check, and ball. Over 80% of its market was from outside France around Europe, Asia, and Africa. SRi is a qualified supplier for worldwide and national companies.

Valve Types

Side Entry

The side-entry ball valve is the most common and popular design. Given its modularity, SRi manufactures any side-entry ball valves with various special options such as connection ends and special bore diameter. Valve lifetime will be extended because all parts or the valve can be replaced during maintenance.

Top Entry

The cover top-entry ball valve can be disassembled from the body, so maintenance can be done in-line.

Stem, trunnion, and ball can be made as a monobloc piece by request. This top-entry construction allows more flexibility in customization of driving train design, allowing an actuator mounted directly without intermediary bracket.

Double Block and Bleed

This valve is using two balls in one valve body, with bleeder between them.

Tandem Ball Valve

This valve is made by two balls that work as a spare for another just in case one of them needs maintenance.

Pig Launcher

Like the name itself, this valve is used to insert pig using manual or automatic secured access door. It is safe and much more compact than pig trap.

(Pig dimension is needed prior to manufacturing)

Optional Features:

  • Double Piston Effect
  • Metal to Metal Seat
  • Bypass System
  • Automatic Bleeding System
  • Polymeric Lip Seal, ENP Coating
  • Overlay (Seat, dynamic seals, wetted parts}                       

Cryogenic or High Temperature Ball Valve

This valve was designed to withstand extreme temperature condition. The minimum temperature for cryogenic ball valve is -196°C. The maximum temperature for the high temperature ball valve is 450%C (Tungsten Carbide Coating) and 650°C (Chromium Carbine Coating).


SRi multiways ball valve can be made on demand; with L-port, T-port, or X-port.


Wafer Ball Valve

Wafer ball valve save space and weight because the absence of flange. This design allows replacement of a gate valve without modification of the piping.

Sealing system

There are two types of sealing that SRi has: DBB and DPE/DIB. DBB give single effect or one direction. DPE/DIB have two direction sealing system.


Carbon Steels; Stainless Steels; Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels; Titanium.


½ to 36 inches depends on ASME class

Design Standards


  • A valve designed, assembled and tested in France only
  • Manufactured from Western European Raw Material
  • A valve with the lowest torques in the market
  • Customizable material grade and design
  • Designed with ISO 5211 top flange and can be actuated any time
  • Fire safe, SIL, fugitive emission approved valve
  • Actuated Ball Valves designed for 1 million cycles without maintenance.
  • Replacement of internal parts is possible without removing the valve from the piping.