Sheet Piles

ESC has been designing and producing sheet piles since the late 1980’s and is now a leading manufacturer of cold rolled/formed steel sheet piles and has expanded significantly into hot rolled sheet piles, tubular piles/mono-piles, tie rod systems and structural steel, supplying a global network. ESC Piles and other products are produced & designed in accordance with the latest international standards as well as ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems.

ESC to provide a support from general advice on the Client’s options to full engineering support and design. Also available to the client are corrosion protection options, tie back systems and other items associated with the sheet piling system.


Hot Rolled Sheet Piles

To manufacture Hot Rolled Sheet Pile Sections, the raw steel material is heated to over 200°C upon which is formed to its sheet pile profile. Various interlocks configurations and thicknesses in different sections of the profile are possible.

ESC can offer 4  different types of sheet pile which covers virtually all applications for both temporary and permanent usage.


Cold Rolled Sheet Piles

The Cold Rolling processes are involves rolling the sheet pile profile continuously at room temperature. ESC can offer one of the thickest sheet piles (16mm), be produced using the cold rolling process without any compromise in structural properties.

Cold Rolling can lead to cost-savings and are used as an effective and equivalent alternative to a Hot Rolled Sheet Pile Profiles, with possible cost savings of over 20% with no compromise in design, quality or strength.


Cold Formed Sheet Piles

Cold Forming processes are similar to the traditional Hot Rolled Sheet Pile forming process except mainly that the sheet pile is profiled at room temperature.

Cold Forming of Sheet Piles is completed in discrete lengths instead of a continuous rolling process. A wide range of widths and depths are achievable. This production process provides the following benefits:

  • Much greater flexibility in forming dimensions.
  • Various interlock configurations
  • Lower machinery costs
  • Unlimited number of configurations
  • Corner Pile Production without extra welding or forming
  • Special Piles can be produced

Vynil Sheet Piles

Vinyl Sheet Piling is an alternative to steel sheet piling for bulkheads, seawalls and cutoff walls. They are also superior to alternative materials like concrete and wood. The main advantage of vinyl sheet piles is the superior corrosion resistance when exposed to seawater, where no oxidation occurs. Vinyl sheet piles are also highly resistant to marine borers.


Steel Pipe Piles

Pipe Piles can be utilised in a multitude of applications: such as building foundations, roads and railways, port construction and more. Utilising 3 different welding and forming processes, ESC can offer a wide range of Pipe Piles at various steel grades, thicknesses and sizes. With our expertise in logistics we have delivered Pipe Piles at over 100mT and 100m length to around the world directly to project sites.


Pipe Combination Wall

A Pipe Pile Combination Wall System consists of Steel Pipe Piles that withstand most of the loading and Infill Sheet Piles that transmit pressure loads to the Pipe Piles. Pipe Piles can range in sizing utilising LSAW, SSAW and ERW Pipes.

The Pipe Piles serve two purposes from a structural standpoint, the first being as a retaining member that resists horizontal hydrostatic and earth pressures. The second purpose is to act as a bearing pile, resisting vertical loads. Pipe Pile Combination Walls are generally utilised when a standard series of sheet piles do not have the strength to resist the required design loads.

Integration with Tie Back Systems and other anchorages is simple and ESC can offer the full configuration as part of its piling solution package. Frequently infill sheet piles are not required to be the same length as the king Pipe piles – typically between 60 to 100% of the H Pile length. Frequently infill sheet piles are not required to be the same length as the king pipe piles typically between 60 to 100% of the Pipe Pile length.



The ESC Advantage

  • Design flexibility of LSAW, SSAW and ERW Pipes
  • Comprehensive Range of Interlocks & Infill Sheet Piles
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free of Charge Design
  • Ability to supply small and large quantities
  • Full Suite of Components: Tie Rods, Bollards and more

Product Application

Steel Grades

ASTM A572 Gr42; ASTM A572 Gr50; ASTM A572 Gr60; Q235B; Q345B; Q345C; Q390B; 420B; S235; S235JR; S240GP; S275GP; S275JR; S355GP; S355JO; S355JR; S390GP; S430GP; SY295; SY390; SYW295; SYW390; SYW430; YW295 & others available upon request.


6 to 38 meters

Delivery Options

  • Single or Pairs
  • Pairs either loose, welded or crimped
  • Lifting Hole
  • By container (11.8m or less) or Break Bulk
  • Corrosion Protection Coatings